Il Mingardi S

Il Mingardi S is a reserve coffee with a strong personality. Harmony, balance and satisfaction are its distinguishing features. Il Mingardi S is the fulfilment of a dream and, at the same time, a tribute to Amigos Caffè’s founder, Severino Mingardi.

The exclusive blend of roasted coffee, 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta, is the clever creation of Arianna Mingardi and Claudio Pribetic helped by the experienced espresso expert Edy Bieker, from Sandalj Trading Company.

Il Mingardi S is born:  a union of exquisite kinds of coffee which, when served, recall the comforting calm of the colour blue, the colour of the “starry night”, a cosy and profound night. A sip is enough to feel the mellow richness of the espresso, the intense flavours of cocoa, brittle and dry fruit followed by the captivating taste of orange marmalade. Finally, the aftertaste, intense and enduring, gains hints of almond and a touch of citrus honey.

Medium roasting

Created, produced and packaged by Torrefazione Amigos

Severino Mingardi was born in Polaveno, a village in Val Trompia, near Brescia, among mountains and woods. He arrived in Trieste for his military service. There, among the scents of sea and coffee, he fell in love with Maria Sincovich, the woman with whom he fulfilled his dream for a family and his ambition for a company.

In 1980 the couple invested all their savings to buy an old 30kg coffee roaster and a manual packaging machine. Amigos Caffè’s history, with his “sombrero hat grain”, began here. 

Today, Arianna Mingardi and the other family members are ready to write a new chapter in their company’s history. Severino Mingardi’s dream is now fulfilled with the creation of Il Mingardi S, an exquisite and genuine reserve coffee which reflects his personality: humble, modest and optimistic towards life.

The new exquisite blend that Amigos Caffè dedicates to his founder Severino Mingardi.

“I am Harmony”
“I am Balance”
“I am Escape”
“I am Starry Night”
“I am Dark Blue”
“I am Harmony”
“I am Balance”
“I am Escape”
“I am Starry Night”
“I am Dark Blue”
“I am Harmony”
“I am Balance”
“I am Escape”
“I am Starry Night”
“I am Dark Blue”
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